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DERICHS products

The ARCOFORM®-Prinziple

Arcoform rollers have been specifically developed for the production of high-quality sheeting and ultra-thin films

By using an Arcoform roller together with an optimised standard roller almost every requirement for a modern production system can be fulfilled – high productivity, the ideal thickness and surface tolerances at the same time as providing a high level of variability using Arcoform rollers.



If the geometry of the roller is perfect, then sheets and films can be created with perfectly parallel surfaces and thus an extremely even thickness.   



Molecular forces in the product exert a linear force on the rollers, which therefore experience some deformation due to bending and bulging forces.




Using a special internal mechanism, the Arcoform roller can adjust to the deformation arcs of its companion roller. The self-adjusting uniform gap reduces the thickness tolerance of the product in production to an absolute minimum.

The benefits

Variable gap distance setting:

By adapting "standard deformation" the Arcoform roller opens up a wide range of different production parameters, such as working width, gap load or material thickness, for example. No axe-crossing, roll bending or crowning is necessary.