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DERICHS products

BSA rollers

BSA rollers have been specially developed for the production of high-quality sheeting and ultra-thin films. These rigid, high-precision rollers allow the production of films with widths of from 150 to 800 mm using standard smoothing processes. Eliminating the need for air wipers allows you to achieve the best possible surface quality. The thickness tolerance in this process has a value about 1% of the film thickness, which is 10 times better than with the use of conventional rollers.


The BSA® prinziple



With a perfectly even roller geometry, sheets are created with parallel surfaces and thus an extremely uniform thickness   



Molecular forces in the sheeting exert a linear force on the rollers, which thus experience some deformation due to bending and bulging forces.




By means of a patented construction, linear forces are transferred on an inner axis, which at the same time transmits the machine torque onto the outer sheathing. That is how it reduces deformation of the roller surface to minimum.


The benefits

Saving raw material 

By reducing thickness tolerances by a factor of 10, about 6% of the raw material needed by conventional rollers can be saved. In case of an extruder with a capacity of 500kg per hour in 24-hour production on 200 production days per year, the following savings are achieved:

500 kg/h x 24 h x 200 days x 6% = 144.000 kg/Jahr


Variable gap distance setting

As there is no need to use such processes as crowning, bending or crossing over on BSA rollers – any roller pair can be used to produce sheeting of any thicknesses.

The best possible thickness tolerances and surface qualities.