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Derichs TouchlessClean:

DERICHS products

Chill roll units

Standard version

Double shell execution with degressive guiding spirals, with matt finish for all applications in the cast films segment. Cast film has many forms. Depending on the requirements expected of them, films may have one or more layers, and they play a very important role in the packaging of pharmaceutical products, hygiene articles and foodstuffs.

Everyone is familiar with cast films in the office supplies sector or as a decorative film for flowers or gifts. Our chill-roll units have outstanding cooling properties. This performance can be yet further optimised by using the copper variant of the CHILL ROLL unit.    

By making surfaces out of copper, a material with particularly good heat conduction properties, a huge improvement can be achieved in comparison to steel or even aluminium surfaces. This type of roller allows water to be used at substantially higher temperatures without reducing the cooling performance of the roller. On the contrary – despite the higher temperature of input water, the temperature of the roller surface is lower than for any conventional roller model.    

You can find more information on Derichs' copper CHILL ROLL units here:

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