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Stephanie Holzmann | Maria Barthels
Stephanie Holzmann | Maria Barthels

KREFELD – Eberhard Derichs, founder and owner-manager of Eberhard Derichs Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH had withdrawn from active business life on 17/01/2014. The Eberhard Derichs Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH company has been active as a developer and manufacturer of high-precision rollers for the plastics industry in Krefeld for more than 40 years.


Eberhard Derichs, the company's founder and pioneer in roller development was behind for such innovations as the SWA®, BSA®, BSKW® and the Arcoform® rollers, all of which are well known to almost all designers and operators of extrusion systems.


At the age of almost 73, Eberhard Derichs is now going into well-

deserved retirement and is passing on responsibility for the business to his colleagues of many years.


Economist Stephanie Holzmann began her work with Derichs GmbH in 2004. She's a well-known face and voice of the company for many working in the sector.


Maria Barthels, a technical systems planner, who has been in Derichs GmbH since 2009 optimises the engineering and development functions in our company "These ladies have proven that there is no contradiction between women and technology" says Eberhard Derichs, brimming with confidence in the new managing directors.


Maria Barthels and Stephanie Holzmann look back on the founder's life work with deep respect, and look forward to their new task. "We have a well-known product that has seen success all over the world. Dependability, quality and sustainability are the key to our success. Our customers and suppliers are first and foremost our partners, with whom we're determined to work closely with in the long timer", says Stephanie Holzmann. "We have the technical know-how. We hope to hit the ground running, showing our passion and enthusiasm for our work to inspire our partners. Getting along together well, promoting harmonious cooperation and thus jointly creating the ideal technical solutions are our principal objectives" affirms Maria Barthels.


These two strong and ambitious women are ready, willing and able to lead Derichs GmbH into the next generation.

With professionalism and passion, with heart and head.