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Derichs TouchlessClean:

It all began in the velvet and silk city of Krefeld

The cutting-edge textile industry of the 70s demands new technologies

Krefeld on the lower Rhine is the home town of roller designer and manufacturer Eberhard Derichs.

It was here that the company's history of success began in 1972.

Changes in the materials used in Krefeld's textile industry, which led to progressive introduction of more artificial fibres or imitation leathers, forced it to look to new surface treatment processes. This change became the driver for the foundation of our successful company.   


Ever since then Derichs has been characterised over the years by a highly developed founder-led corporate culture. Innovation and technical progress are the key factors that also led to the company taking on other production challenges, taking advantage of Derichs in-house engineering competencies. Derichs makes it possible for its partners worldwide to drive economically valuable and resource-saving, sustainable development.