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ED1 –  the new Innovation from DERICHS: The first measurement tool for wireless data capture of process data directly from inside of the roller

The “inner values” are important!

Derichs Innovation ED1

– measures     

– supervises

– allows

– saves


– extends

in real-time, unaltered, high precise        

permanent and long term    

optimal and forward-looking process and maintenance planning    

energy by more precise control,

already less 1°C temperature in the roller saves approx. 6% energy

life time of your roller 


In order to influence the technical process of extrusion as much detail as possible and to make it reproducible at any time, the process engineer needs as many and as exact data as possible. Today, it is standard to record, visualize and control all the nominal and actual values as process data, which have been prepared in part, as part of the process. Any information helps to monitor, influence and control the extrusion process. Actually, however, the important information on temperatures and pressures is not recorded from inside of the roller. Only the heating and cooling unit, which is partly spatially separated, supplies process data used to set and control the process. In addition, individual users have complex measuring devices in front of or behind the rotary in order to get closer to the data in the roller. Although there is certainly a connection between the data of the heating and cooling unit and the actual data in the roller, it is obvious how much more accurate a direct measurement in the roller is.



IoT is the basic for the fourth industrial revolution. Only the communication between things such as sensors and controllers, sensors and process monitoring leads to an intelligent factory. The benefit to the user is more efficient use of resources and better basics for making decisions.


Physical objects can communicate wirelessly among themselves and over the Internet via autonomous, integrated systems. These systems are an integral part of products, devices or machines and make them functional. They determine and interpret data from their physical environment via sensors. They are able to collect data, to digitize and transfer wirelessly - at least over a short distance - to a central process computer and thus easy to transfer to the Internet.


By means of so-called actuators, they can act on physical processes in their environment, prevent downtime in production, minimize the material and energy consumption, and help the operator with intervention and prevention. With these multimodal man-machine interfaces, your products can be produced in a more resource-efficient and energy-efficient manner.


With the DERICHS ED1, we are taking a great step in exactly this direction. With this tool, each roller gets a digital memory. The ED1 can be used to record, monitor, store, graphically display and evaluate the inlet and outlet temperatures in real-time. Wirelessly transferred to an application developed for iOS systems, the DERICHS ED1 allows a direct and extremely accurate control of the actual values, which now are not only available to the operator, but via a cloud solution also to everyone at the state of a roller interested employee, from production management, technology, maintenance or management. 

The ED1 collects the data directly in the roller via sensors in the inlet and in the outlet. The measured value can be read as a stand-alone value, stored and evaluated, or after personal identification of the sensors also as Δ-value of both sensors. The temperature accuracy of the roller surface can thus be permanently controlled. Deviations from the heating and cooling unit are detected and allow the process engineer to monitor and influence the process even more closely. 1% less water temperature in the roller saves up to 6% energy. Regular data logging allows you to observe deviations over a long period of time. From the empirical values obtained, e.g. limit values can be set and the roller can automatically trigger an alarm when this is reached. This does not only protect the roller against damage, but also the entire system as well as the end product. Failures are therefore more predictable and repairs are minimized. 

The fact that the measured values are digitized directly at the sensor by a measuring electronic and a microprocessor has the advantage that they are very precise and cannot be falsified in the transmission path. The temperature sensors provide digital values with an accuracy of ± 0,4 °C (on request up to ± 0,1 °C) over a range of -40 – 150 °C (optionally up to 400 °C).

We deliberately chose a digital, wireless data transmission because the sensors are located on the rotating roller and cables in the vicinity of the moving machine parts would be a hindrance. A secure data transmission has been ensured, which can be encrypted on request and whose radio protocol is standardized. The wireless protocol complies with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Each module has its own address so that different sensors can be unambiguously assigned to the measuring point and machine. Every 5 seconds, each module is queried and these values can also be tracked in live-view mode with an iPad tablet (Android planned) or on a PC with radio dongle.



The development has been created in collaboration with the ZHAW - Zurich School of Applied Science, the School of Engineering, ZSN, Professor Roland Kueng and his team, as well as Professor Peter Gruber from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, et al.

The first prototype small series are already being tested by selected customers. After the end of the test phase in the summer, the ED1 with CE test seal is firmly included in our portfolio.

For the further development, it is planned, with further or combined sensors, to provide correspondingly digitally additional data as e.g. pressure, flow, vibrations or line load, also be detected directly in the roller. For this reason, the ED1 already has a second interface. The first big step to the internet of things (IoT) has been done with our development: less waste, less energy consumption, less downtime.    



Here DERICHS Roller Connect V1 = App Demonstration

Derichs Roller Connect V1 0 App Demonstration 



Derichs GmbH is worldwide known for its high-precision rollers in the plastics industry and represents for innovation and development. With the DERICHS ED1, we impressively demonstrate that we are curious about the requirements of the future, are solution-oriented and innovative, and stand for quality and competence.


See here clip of ZHAW/ZSN (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften):

Highprecision Rollers fit for Industry 4.0


If you like to know more about the new measurement tool ED1

just call us, +49 2151 3 06 95-0 or reach us by E-Mail: info@derichs-gmbh.de