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Derichs TouchlessClean:

Quality rollers for the plastics industry

Precision has a name

Our passion for our product and our groundbreaking new developments over the last 40 years has made our company a pathfinder for a great many film manufacturers. The technical know-how and constant requirement for quality inspires machine and system designers to adapt their various systems for the benefit of their end product.


With their constant feel for market needs, Derichs Gmbh develops such rollers as the dismantlable SWA® , the rigid BS-KW®, the BSA® or the Arcoform, which have all grown to become well-known brand nameso in their own right in the roller sector having won worldwide recognition. Right from first contact, communication with us is marked by Derichs know-how, because we work according to the motto that only by constantly asking questions will one stay successful in the long term.


Our range of machines provide turning capacities up to a diameter of 1000 mm and a total length of 6000 mm.

All materials are stress-relief annealed before processing. All welded joints are made by qualified welders. In the case of rollers for specialised applications, electrically recast materials, such as H II - ESU are also used. 

The piping for our rollers are all bored employing deep-hole drilling or using a tool holder jig in order to ensure a uniform wall thickness and minimum dynamic residual imbalance.    



Competence and reliability is guaranteed by our highly-qualified employees. Only the highest-quality and ideally suited materials are used for our rollers. All components are subjected to the strictest quality control in all the wide range of manufacturing processes we carry out. After the completion of roller blanks, and especially before delivery to our customers, each roller is carefully checked and documented in a detailed handover certificate listing all its technical details. In this way we guarantee that, apart from the fault-free functioning of the new rollers, it remains possible to identify each roller uniquely even years later.