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Derichs TouchlessClean:

DERICHS products

Polishing rollers

in standard or hardened version

DERICHS polishing roller standard
DERICHS polishing roller standard

Double shell execution with degressive guiding spirals, with matt finish for all applications in the calender segments. Suitable for production of thermoforming film and panels in such materials as PP, PE, PS, PMMA,

PC, PET, etc. 

Our polishing rollers can achieve the most precise possible distortion tolerances and the finest possible

surface precisions.



The rigid polishing rollers in the BSKW® series provide shape stability of up to 1500 N/cm, depending on diameter and face width. A typical application for this type of roller is the manufacture of ABS, HIPS, PVC, etc.    

DERICHS polishing roll BSKW®
DERICHS polishing roll BSKW®