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Derichs TouchlessClean:

Data protection policy on DERICHS ED 1+2

Derichs does not use any additional functions or services of your tablet or mobile phone like WLAN, mobile phone, GPS, camera or MIC etc. Derichs does not collect any data from the I-PAD®/I-Phone® nor any measurement data. Derichs does not register user profiles or user data.


The app only uses the Bluetooth® connection, which must be switched on. It is also possible to send measurement data reports to Derichs via e-mail, but this is only done on your own explicit request. 

User Manual

User Manual ED 1 + 2
only German version currently, for English version please contact us
Version 22.09.2020
DEU-Users Manual_ED1_ED2_PWD 04-2020 V1_
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 9.4 MB