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We achieve optimal results through trust and cooperation with our customers and suppliers. If you encounter any issues or require changes, please contact us immediately.

Our passion lies in crafting high-quality rollers and the precision manufacturing of individual components and small series. With extensive turning, milling, assembly, and welding capabilities, we offer diverse solutions.

Our highly skilled team not only perfects our products but also serves as your reliable partner for contract manufacturing projects. We specialize in custom turned and welded parts with the utmost precision.

Whether it's customized individual components or small series, our flexible manufacturing capacities meet your requirements. From concept to execution, we prioritize quality and precision to meet your highest standards.

Explore our high-quality rollers and the comprehensive services of our roller manufacturing. We provide tailored solutions for your specific needs, ensuring a seamless production process.

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DERICHS Laminator rollers copper design

Precision has a name