The First Touchless Inline Roller Surface Cleaning

The Revolution in Roller Surface Cleaning!
We at DERICHS are proud to introduce our groundbreaking innovation - ED TouchlessClean, the revolutionary, touchless inline roller surface cleaning solution. Developed with passion and supported by BMWK funding, ED TouchlessClean is the first of its kind and sets a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in industrial cleaning.

What Makes ED TouchlessClean So Special?

Cost Savings and Downtime Reduction
Our touchless technology ensures safe and gentle cleaning while being highly effective, minimizing the risk of costly downtime.

Enhanced Workplace Safety
Say goodbye to conventional cleaning methods that could pose potential safety risks. Our touchless technology enhances workplace safety, prioritizing the well-being of your employees.

Inline Cleaning for Optimal Efficiency
ED TouchlessClean seamlessly integrates into your production process, minimizing unproductive downtime and keeping your operations smoother than ever.

Consistent Product Quality
Thanks to roller cleaning, your product stays clean throughout the entire production process, maintaining its quality consistently, and avoiding quality loss due to contamination during production.

Sustainability at the Core
We firmly believe that innovative technologies should promote both efficiency and environmental friendliness. ED TouchlessClean not only saves energy but also reduces the use of chemical cleaning agents, benefiting both your company and the environment.

Awarded at the BMWK 2023 Innovation Day
The quality and effectiveness of our development were recognized at the prestigious BMWK 2023 Innovation Day. We take pride in surpassing industry standards with ED TouchlessClean and paving innovative paths for the future.

Explore the versatile applications of ED TouchlessClean and give your company the competitive advantage it deserves. Experience a new era of cleaning technology and trust in DERICHS, the leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about ED TouchlessClean and how it can revolutionize your production processes. Together, we shape a cleaner and more efficient future for your company.

The external shape may vary individually and differ from this sample photo.